An endowment is perhaps the most enduring gift a donor can make to The University of Texas-Pan American Foundation since it is a permanent fund that will exist in perpetuity.

Endowments may be established to provide student financial assistance in the form of scholarships or loans, to create endowed chairs and professorships that help retain and recruit outstanding faculty and to support a variety of programs such as lecture series and study abroad opportunities. Endowments may also be created for academic colleges and departments, allowing them a dependable source of funding as they plan for future growth and enhancement.

Initial Gift to Establish Endowment:

The initial gift forming the principal, or corpus, of the endowment is deposited with one of the financial institutions the UTPA Foundation’s Trustees have selected to manage the Foundation’s investments. Since only the distributions from the endowment’s corpus may be expended, the endowment will forever be a part of The University of Texas-Pan American Foundation, thus benefiting UTPA in perpetuity.


Endowment Type
Minimum Gift Level* Available Annual Distribution**
Distinguished University Chair $2,000,000 $100,000
Distinguished Chair $1,000,000 $50,000
Chair $500,000
Distinguished Professorship $250,000 $22,500
Professorship $100,000 $4,500
Faculty Fellowship $50,000 $2,500
Scholarships $10,000 $500
Program Support & Other Projects $10,000 $500

*An endowment may be established with a single gift or paid out over a five-year period.

**Actual distribution is 5% of the market value on June 30 of each year.


Endowment Agreement:

When the UTPA Foundation accepts a gift to establish an endowment, the Foundation is entering into an agreement with the donor that his/her gift will be perpetually managed in accordance with a mutual agreement. Having the donor set out his/her intention in writing is absolutely essential to ensure the donor’s and the Foundation’s understanding will be followed for generations to come.


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