bronc-at-night-300The Heritage Society is an honorary association of generous, forward-thinking friends and alumni whose planned gifts have already been received or will someday accrue to The University of Texas-Pan American or the UTPA Foundation.

Each deferred, or planned, gift is truly an act of faith in the University, its leadership and its direction for the future. Regardless of the method or the amount of the gift planning arrangement, the UTPA Foundation is deeply grateful to each and every member of the Heritage Society and especially appreciative of their thoughtful commitment to the future financial well-being of the University.

To be eligible for membership in this prestigious organization, you must inform us of your deferred gift plans. Once confirmation of your future gift is received, you will be invited to become a member of the Heritage Society and will be formally inducted into the Society at its next annual dinner meeting.

If you are interested in learning more about including the UTPA Foundation in your estate plans, we can provide you with all the information you and your attorney need. To learn more about becoming a member of the Heritage Society, please contact:

Cecilia Johnson
Director of Planned Giving
(956) 665-2352
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Heritage Society

Anne R. Addington*

Yvonne L. Anderson

Rodolfo and Nadine A. Arevalo

Roland S. and Donna E. Arriola

Wanda L. Boush

Pilar Camarillo*

Paul C. and Florence M. Crissman

Robert B.* and Flavia E. Doolittle

Louis C.* and Margaret L. Draper*

Genevieve D. Dressler*

J. Lell Elliott*

Elizabeth Mary Ferrell*

John L.* and Gloria W. Fitch

Bernice E. Fowler*

Benjamin G. and Sherry K. Goodier

Thomas M. Harwell*

Henry W.* and Margaret H. Hauser*

James A. and Alice* Hawley

Phyllis H. Hutchins

Patricia L. Jackson

Albert L. and Mary Lea Jeffers

Clarke H. Joy*

Karen Kilgore

Jean R. Kindle

James R. Langabeer

Josephine S. Langley*

Don Mahler*

Gilbert Maldonado

Anna Marie Malick

Bret L. Mann

Adolfo and Maria Bertha Martinez

Teresa and Daniel J. Martinez Jr.

Margaret McColl*

T. Edward* and Anna J. Mercer

Paul L. and Josefa G. Mitchell

Marian F. Monta

Ruth Dean Morris

Nancy J. Moyer

Miguel A. and Blanca Nevárez

Edward E. and Maxine C. Nichols

Joy and William L.* Nolen Jr.

William* and Maria Salomé Peck*

Gorur R. and Lidia Ranganath

Carol Rausch

Olga D. Rogers

David and Dora Elia García Saavedra

Mario Alberto Salinas and Family

Marie Louise Sawyer*

Hester Seger*

Robert A. Shivers Jr.

Cristela B. Sifuentez

C. Bascom* and Lillian O. Slemp*

Lotus G. Stefani

Henry R. and Diane K. Teter

Martha May Tevis

Robert L. Townsend*

Emma Barrera Vela*

Harry Wheeler*

Ruby B. Wilson*

Grace Turner Wood*




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