DSC 2183 picnikThe University of Texas-Pan American Foundation exists for one purpose – and one purpose only…that is to support UTPA in its efforts to:

  • Provide students a quality education that they complete in a timely fashion.
  • Identify and focus on targeted research relevant to South Texas, emphasizing collaborative partnerships and entrepreneurship.
  • Enhance engagement with community constituents to meet challenges and maximize opportunities.
  • Collaborate with primary, secondary, and post-secondary schools to increase access, participation and success in higher education.
  • Leverage the University’s border location as a gateway for the Americas to initiate projects infused with global perspectives.
  • Optimize the effectiveness and efficiency, especially of processes that affect students, staff and faculty, consistent with high quality organizational standards.


With a gift to the UTPA Foundation, you, too, become a vital partner in helping to move the University toward these goals. While there are many ways to benefit UT Pan American with your philanthropy, there are also a variety of payment methods available to you.

Direct Gifts
Direct gifts, whether cash, check or via credit card, are especially important to the University of Texas-Pan American Foundation because they can be put to work immediately, increasing their impact and extending their reach for the benefit of the University.

  • Make your check payable to the UTPA Foundation
  • Click here to make your gift online.

Gifts of appreciated securities are tax deductible at their full market value. In most cases, appreciation in the value of the security benefits the University and is not taxable to the donor. Please contact Lydia Aleman, Associate Vice President for University Advancement, at (956) 665-2116 for more information and for detailed transfer instructions.

Matching Gifts
The easiest way to double – or even triple – your contribution to the UTPA Foundation is to request a match from your employer. Thousands of companies make such gifts to the organizations and institutions their employees care about. Please check with your human resources office to see if your company has a matching gifts program.

A pledge is a statement of your intention to make a gift to the UTPA Foundation. Donors who seek to defer the bulk of their giving until a future date, or who want to give via installments over time, may use this giving strategy. Pledges are typically made in connection with a preliminary “first installment” gift and provide a source of consistent and dependable funding for the Foundation and the University.

Real Estate
Real property, either in its entirety or in part, can be deeded to the UTPA Foundation to benefit the University. For residential properties, it is possible to arrange a sizable tax deduction by deeding a home to the UTPA Foundation, while continuing to occupy the property for life. This is referred to as a “life estate.”

In writing a will or living trust, donors can specify that they would like their estate to benefit UT Pan American. Donors who wish to have their gifts managed by the UTPA Foundation must specifically state in their wills or living trusts that their gifts be made to the UTPA Foundation. Click here (this will be a link whenever the document has a URL) for sample bequest language. For information on how to include UTPA in your estate plans, please contact Cecilia Johnson, Director of Planned Giving, at (956) 665-2352.

Charitable Gift Annuities
Donors may transfer money, securities or real estate in trust to the UTPA Foundation and receive income for themselves or another, for life. Donors may receive immediate tax benefits, and ultimately the Foundation receives the trust property to benefit the University. For further information about making such a planned gift or bequest, visit the UTPA gift planning website please contact Cecilia Johnson, Director of Planned Giving, at (956) 665-2352.

The UTPA Foundation gratefully accepts donations of tangible items, or gifts-in-kind, that support the academic, teaching and research mission of the University. The Foundation and the University receive a wide variety of such gifts, such as collections of personal papers pertinent to the region’s history, equipment, works of art, rare books and other items of value.

Qualified Retirement Plans
Naming the UTPA Foundation as a beneficiary of your qualified retirement plan [IRA, KEOGH, 401(k) or 403(b)] may be particularly beneficial to you. Doing so may result in more assets being passed on to your heirs than if you make a bequest from other funds in your estate. For information on how to incorporate the UTPA Foundation into your estate and retirement planning, please contact Cecilia Johnson, Director of Planned Giving, at (956) 665-2352.



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