Inspiration comes in many forms. It can be a beautifully constructed verse of poetry…a “eureka” moment in the science or engineering lab… a creative approach to a business problem…a life-changing idea in the social sciences…a life-saving intervention in the health sciences.

Inspiring such special moments at The University of Texas-Pan American are the dedicated professors who each day share their academic expertise and guide the search for new knowledge for the more than 19,000 students who have chosen to study here.

The University of Texas-Pan American Foundation is proud to be a champion for the students, faculty and administration of this great institution. With your financial support, we can continue to transform lives by preparing students for a lifetime of discovery and service.
The Trustees of UTPA Foundation invite you to join us in inspiring success and innovation that will transform the Rio Grande Valley and beyond by supporting the following priority initiatives identified by President Robert S. Nelsen…or by giving for another purpose that inspires your own passion and dreams.
Priority Initiatives for 2012:


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